Bozell wanted to do a brand refresh right before their 100th anniversary. They wanted a new fresh brand that merged both old and new together to show the story of their evolution as an agency. New fonts were picked: Gibson, a friendly and modern sans serif to show the new and Quincy CF, a sophisticated and rich serif to bring the old. The color palette was expanded, starting with one of the old light greens and bringing the rest to complement and tell the full story of creativity, trust, history, simplicity, wisdom, and passion the company embodied. In addition, new patterns were introduced to visualize the creative process step by step: immerse, reframe, disrupt, unite, ignite, and assess. Templates for social media posts, covers, profile pic as well as presentation decks were created to introduce the new brand.
In addition a brand anthem and a history videos were produced with the new brand look and feel.
Work done at Bozell:
CD: Dan Cooper
Art Director: Dessi Price
Designer: Breanna Marsh
AE: Laura Spaulding
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