My love for stop-motion videos started while working on food clients at one of my jobs and continues to this day when I keep on exploring fun stop-motion animations for my personal enjoyment.

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Doritos Stop-Motion Video
One of 14 winners in Doritos Crash From Home Contest held during the pandemic.
Candy Skull Halloween 2021
Fun stop-motion video of a blinking candy skull. (Personal passion project)
Starbucks Red Cup Day
Fun stop-motion video created in anticipation of the new red cup release in 2023. (Personal passion project)
Girl Scout Cookies Stop-Motion Videos
This Girl Scout Cookies season, I got inspired to create a couple of fun stop-motion videos with a few of my favorite GS cookies. (Personal passion project)
Trü Frü Stop-Motion Video
Fun stop-motion video showcasing the fresh ingredients that go into every bite of Trü Frü Strawberries. (Personal passion project)
Merci Chocolates Stop-motion video
Stop-motion video for my favorite European chocolates Merci that got shared on the brand's Instagram stories. (Personal passion project)
First National Bank of Omaha Mortgage Campaign
Stop-motion TV Spots for FNBO promoting their mortgage product.
Starbucks Stop-motion video
Made this stop-motion video while playing barista at home during the pandemic making my own Pumpkin Spice Lattes. (Personal passion project)
Mother's Day Stop-Motion Video
Stop-moton video with flower petals for Bozell's Mother's Day social post.
Doritos Halloween Stop-motion video
Personal passion project stop-motion video for Halloween using my leftover chips from the Doritos Crash From Home video contest.
Stop-Motion Videos: Cuties
A wide variety of stop-motion videos for Sun Pacific's Cuties brand for different holidays throughout the year.
Happy New Year Stop-motion Video for Panda Express
Stop-motion video for Panda Express with veggie fireworks to wish their customers a Happy New Year.
In Memory of
Stop-motion video with flower petals and leaves in memory of artist Adé Hogue.
Bozell Stop-motion Social Video
Animating a popular saying on a letter board to post on Bozell's social channels.
First National Bank Holiday Promo
Stop-motion video for First National Bank to promote their Holiday credit card product on social media.
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