Social Media stole my heart. I love the idea of creating something beautiful to brighten someone's day and make them take a sec from mindless scrolling.

Scroll down to see examples of my work

Social Media: Cuties Recipes
Social posts of seasonal recipes with Cuties and Cuties juice to promote the brand on social media.
Merci Chocolates Stop-motion video
Personal passion project stop-motion video for my favorite European chocolates Merci that was shared on the brand's Instagram stories.
Mighties Kiwi: Social Campaign
Nine consecutive social posts, featuring different Kiwi slices, were created to compile one big tile image in Instagram's wall feed.
Social Media: Cuties Crafts
Various crafts were created from Cuties and the Cuties juice bottles that moms can do with their kids as fun activities, or on their own to organize and beautify their homes.
Social Media: Cuties Holidays
To promote Cuties around the Holidays various social posts with crafts, recipes, or fun activities were created to encourage moms to spend time with their kids while enjoying their favorite healthy snack.
Mother's Day Stop-Motion Video
Stop-moton video with flower petals for Bozell's Mother's Day social post.
Happy New Year Stop-motion Video for Panda Express
Stop-motion video for Panda Express with veggie fireworks to wish their customers a Happy New Year.
Bozell Holiday Card 2022
Fun Holiday card for my work with a twist on the traditional saying "Comfort & Joy"
Sioux Honey Social Media
Fun, engaging and entertaining social posts for Sioux Honey to promote their different honey products.
36 Days of Type
Tactile letters and numbers made out of different spices, herbs and condiments for "36 Days of Type," an online Instagram challenge.
Vote Lettering
Hand-lettered stamp design and fauxsaic lettering done around the 2020 election as part of online lettering challenges.
Rise Up
Rise up. Show up. Unite! lettering challenge led by Jessica Hische and Lauren Hom.
PepperJax Grill Social Media Videos
A series of stop-motion style videos for several of Pepper Jax's bowls, as well as promos for their Free Fry Fridays and their dessert bar.
First National Bank Holiday Promo
Stop-motion video for First National Bank to promote their Holiday credit card product on social media.
Bozell's Nifty Gifty Finder
Pick a gift for that special one in your life with Bozell's Holiday Gift: The Nifty Gifty finder, a gift generator based on answers you give.
Girl Scout Cookies Stop-Motion Videos
This Girl Scout Cookies season, I got inspired to create a couple of fun stop-motion videos with a few of my favorite GS cookies.
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