Fun play on the traditional "Comfort & Joy" holiday message where we snuck the word "pants" in the middle of it since we were still all working from home and wearing stretchy pants. We wanted to share that feeling with the clients and hoped their holiday season was as comfortable and relaxing as ours.
The look and feel of the card was very traditional with holiday festive colors of red and gold and holiday-looking type, so at first glance the card would look pretty festive and ordinary until you noticed the twist in the heading.
I hand lettered the type and illustrated the ornament, and with the help of our in-house animator Kyle brought the whole thing to life with a soothing video that we shared on social.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Here's the video animation done by my talented Kyle
Here's what the post looks like on my work's Instagram and on my personal story on my personal account
Here are a couple of the initial sketches of the phrase before we landed on the final one above.
Work created while working at Bozell:
CD: John Vogel
AD/Design: Dessi Price
AE/PM: Laura Spaulding
Animation: Kyle Theobald
Mockup images by Mr. Mockup
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