Food. I love cooking it, eating it but most of all photographing it. Whenever I get to photograph or art direct a food shoot, I'm the happiest.

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Doritos Stop-Motion Video
One of 14 winners in Doritos Crash From Home Contest held during the pandemic.
Candy Skull Halloween 2021
Fun stop-motion video of a blinking candy skull. (Personal passion project)
Panda Express: Chinese New Year 2017
Panda Express tells the story of Chinese New Year to mainstream America in the Year of The Rooster.
Panda Express: General Tso's Chicken
Brand campaign for the most iconic dish in Chinese restaurants in America.
Panda Express: Five Flavor Shrimp
Brand campaign for Five Flavor Shrimp, the latest flavorful, better-for-you, spring dish from Panda Express.
Elkhorn Coffee Co.
Brand identity for a start-up roasting coffee company.
Feltman's of Coney Island Brand Refresh
A brand refresh for Feltman's of Coney Island, an East Coast hot dog company, that brought back the Original, Original Hot Dog recipe.
Sioux Honey Logo
Logo refresh for Sioux Honey Association Co-Op.
Merci Chocolates Stop-motion video
Stop-motion video for my favorite European chocolates Merci that got shared on the brand's Instagram stories. (Personal passion project)
Starbucks Red Cup Day
Fun stop-motion video created in anticipation of the new red cup release in 2023. (Personal passion project)
Trü Frü Stop-Motion Video
Fun stop-motion video showcasing the fresh ingredients that go into every bite of Trü Frü Strawberries. (Personal passion project)
Doritos Halloween Stop-motion video
Personal passion project stop-motion video for Halloween using my leftover chips from the Doritos Crash From Home video contest.
Girl Scout Cookies Stop-Motion Videos
This Girl Scout Cookies season, I got inspired to create a couple of fun stop-motion videos with a few of my favorite GS cookies. (Personal passion project)
Stop-Motion Videos: Cuties
A wide variety of stop-motion videos for Sun Pacific's Cuties brand for different holidays throughout the year.
Starbucks Stop-motion video
Made this stop-motion video while playing barista at home during the pandemic making my own Pumpkin Spice Lattes. (Personal passion project)
Social Media: Cuties Recipes
Social posts of seasonal recipes with Cuties and Cuties juice to promote the brand on social media.
Mighties Kiwi: Social Campaign
Nine consecutive social posts, featuring different Kiwi slices, were created to compile one big tile image in Instagram's wall feed.
Sioux Honey Social Media
Fun, engaging and entertaining social posts for Sioux Honey to promote their different honey products.
36 Days of Type
Tactile letters and numbers made out of different spices, herbs and condiments for "36 Days of Type," an online Instagram challenge.
PepperJax Grill Social Media Videos
A series of stop-motion style videos for several of Pepper Jax's bowls, as well as promos for their Free Fry Fridays and their dessert bar.
V Chocolates
Catalog and coupon design for V Chocolates, an artisan confectioner.
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