Here are a couple of fun social media stop motion videos I did for PepperJax Grill.
For the Free Fry Fridays promo I used french fries to create fun patterns and animation to promote the day. Using the client’s existing color palette, background was black slate and font had white and orange to connect to the brand.
The client wanted to promote different loaded fries options and show to their guests how they can customize each build. Fun stop motion video was created the show all ingredients and the order they went into the dish. Again keeping with the look and field for PepperJax, the food was on black slate and type was in orange.
To promote their latest dessert addition, a peanut butter rice crispy bar (for Peanut Butter Lover’s Day), a fun stop motion of eating the bar bite by bite was created. The video ended with red hearts floating on screen to add more motion and fun to the stop motion.
Work created while working at BL.
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