For this year’s Holiday card my work decided to do things a little bit differently. The holidays are always a busy time of year when people get stressed out and don’t have time to pick gifts for everyone on their list. To make things easier for them, we created the Nifty Gifty Finder that helps you pick a gift for that one special one in your life based on answering 5 easy questions. All gift suggestions are based on gifts people at my work recommended based on their personalities, so this gave a chance to our clients to get to know us all a little better.
Here’s the website that was developed for the occasion:
The actual mailed Holiday portion, was a red box that included instructions to go to the website and some cute Holiday stickers that can be used once you have your gift selected.
In addition to the digital experience, social stop motion videos were created to promote this year’s gift and create anticipation before the launch.
The card and digital experience were featured on Adweek as part of their article “Agency Holiday Cards 2018: Inventive and Creative Send-Offs to the Year.”
Other results:
“Mobile Excellence” award
(recognized by Google for excellence in our site’s mobile version)
“Honorable Mention”
(given to websites that achieve a high score in the user vote) from Awwwards
Social Media:
During the first three weeks after the release, stats have seen steady increases across all channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn):
– Impressions increased 151%
– Engagements increased 172%
– Messages received increased 458%
– 2,160 pageviews with 1,970 unique visits (this is down a bit from last year’s 2,616 and 2,055)
– 17:31 average time on site (this is WAY up from last year’s 9:16)
– top gifts (in order): adopt a kitten, giraffe sponsorship, light phone, CWS tickets, and donation to humane society

Work done while working at Bozell:
CD: Dan Cooper
AD/Design/Illustration/Stop-Motion: Dessi Price
Copy: Kerrey Lubbe
Web Development and Animation: Brad Douglas
Project Management: Christine Dunn
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