First National Bank of Omaha wanted a new mortgage campaign with strategic messaging that will differentiate their mortgage product and create awareness for it in the market. The mortgage creative focused on why customers should start with FNBO first in the home buying process and leveraged the three main reasons for purchasing a new home:
1) Getting married
2) Having a baby
3) Downsizing

Based on this market research, the conclusion was that the main catalyst for most home buyers is a life change and the main message "A Home That Fits" sprung from that.

As a result, four stop-motion TV spots were developed, three of them representing a different stage of life when people think about buying a home, and the fourth showing a combination of all three life-stage changes in one video. The idea was to represent each one of those monumental life events as a compilation of a lot of smaller things coming together. For the newly weds that's the accessories from that memorable day, for the new parents it's all the baby things that come with adding a new one to the family, and for the retired folks it's all the new things they can add and try in their lives now that they have so much free time.
Wedding Stop-motion
Baby Stop-motion
Retirement Stop-motion
General Stop-motion
Work done while working at Bozell:
CD: Tim Young
AD/Design: Dessi Price
Copy: Bailey Williams-Jurgens, John Vogel
TV production company: MAKE
Production Manager-Broadcast: Nan Pike
Project Management: Ann Marie Schulze, Tom Jarvis
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