For the grand opening of Brick Canvas, an elaborate invitation was created with stackable sheets identifying the various services offered under the Brick Canvas umbrella. All pieces were inserted in a canvas sleeve stamped with the Brick Canvas logo and were accompanied by a Brick Canvas business card doubling as a tag.
Brick Canvas (a new beauty and wellness center featuring a spa, Bikram yoga studio, hair salon, event planning space, TRX workout venue and a healthy smoothie bar) wanted a feminine and elegant logo to draw Utah women to its newly opened venue.
Square letterpress business cards featuring the new Brick Canvas logo double as tags when needed.
Brick Canvas needed  promotional materials for the Grand Opening of  its new wellness center with six separate venues inside.  The primary goal of the project was to create distinctive brands for each of the venues under its own management while still maintaining a harmonious relationship between them. The swag bag approach allowed each venue manager to select a product and label design that worked best for them. Bikram Yoga requested a label for a yoga mat. Lyceum, the TRX workout venue, requested design for an exercise diary. The remaining venues requested simple square tags to be attached to a variety of smaller give-a-way items.
The exterior of Brick Canvas, featuring the logo as a metallic sign and banner.
 Interior and exterior banners.
A more substantial pocket folder brochure with individual sheets about each one of the studios, designed to provide a flexible, long-term solution for Brick Canvas.
A small trifold brochure designed to inform the public about the different venues for the grand opening of Brick Canvas.
A tray liner calendar highlighting fun activities that women can do during the month of November at Brick Canvas, created as part of the opening promotional campaign.

An umbrella website with a large slider that showcases  each one of the Brick Canvas studios. Subsidiary studio websites are based on the same template to unify the user experience.
Multiple Facebook tabs encourage visitors to go to the new websites and to sign up for future newsletters and emails from Brick Canvas.
Work done while working at Redirect.
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