The Investment & Planning team at fnbo came to us with a request for an educational infographic providing their customers with information on what they can do in terms of saving for their future based on their life stage. We proposed a much more robust experience than an infographic that included a landing page with an overview of the information they wanted to provide and a much more detailed personalized quiz experience that delivered a customized pdf at the end of the quiz people took.
Isometric illustration scenes were created for each age group to showcase some of the financial decisions that take priority during that time of person's life. For example in your 20s, a person might be focused on education, purchasing a car, starting to save, as well as manage credit cards. In one's 30s maybe a home ownership, healthcare, and additional savings and credit cards are added and so on.
The quiz was quick and easy and required people to provide their emial in order to receive the personalized investing advice that took the participant through each answer of the quiz and provided them with more info. At the end a pdf summarized the walk though the answers and encouraged people to contact a personal advisor.
Each one of the answers contained an illustrated scene that visually provided more information regarding the question and answer in the form of an article or video the participant can watch.
The personalized pdf at the end contained an illustration scene specific to the age range the participant selected and gave relevant information and advice specific for that life stage.
Work created while at Bozell
Creative Director: Tim Young
Copywriter: John Vogel
Art Director: Dessi Price
Strategy, UI/UX Design: Justin Henriksen
Project management: Janice Miller
Account management: Annie Narzsi
Front-end development:
Back-end development and implementation: In-house FNBO (Bozell input)
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