For their Spring/Summer promotion, Panda Express is offering a health-conscious (“wok smart”) dish called Pacific Chili Shrimp. We were tasked with telling the story of this healthy dish through in-store materials and a TV spot. See examples below.
Menu translites in-store focused on a hero overhead shot of the food and an action shot of the dish being wok-tossed. The food had to be front and center with emphasis on the presence of fresh veggies and the light nature of the dish.
The Iron Man sign greeting customers at the entrance of every store showed the dish deconstructed in order to emphasize the fresh ingredients used in it. The color blue was used throughout the promotional materials to suggest the connection between water and seafood.  Steam table slat and cling called the attention of customers to the new limited-time addition to the Panda menu.

Buttons were created for the associates in stores encouraging customers to ask them about the dish.
Outdoor billboards were created showing the food bigger than life on a clean background focusing on the light nature of the dish and the fresh ingredients in it.
Bus shelter signage invited people into the store to try a new light dish from Panda Express, a symphony of flavors created from shrimp and vegetables.
A TV spot was created showcasing the fresh nature of Pacific Chili Shrimp, showing close ups of the step by step preparation of the dish, wok-tossed three times in a sweet and tangy ginger, garlic sauce.

Work created while working at BL:
CCO: Carter Weitz
CD: Marty Amsler
AD: Dessi Price
AE: Abbie Stanton
Project Management: Ellie Charter
Retouch: Gayle Adams, Joe McDermott
Photgraphy: Jon Edwards
TV Spot Director: Rick Mereki
Production Studio: Saville Productions
Music Composer: Andrew Huang
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