A local news organization wanted to create a thank-you event for all of the first responders during the pandemic. The event was scheduled for the end of the summer and was going to be outdoor at a stadium and provide free food, music and entertainment for the public. That's where we came in and helped out with creating the brand, look and feel for the event. A strong and bold identity was created with a patriotic color palette of red, white and blue. Billboards, digital and social ads helped spread the word out and invite the public to the event. A website was put together providing additional information and Covid-19 safety guidance for the event. Banners and signs showing first responders were displayed at the stadium together. Four videos featuring local first responders played on the stadium screens during the event telling the stories of a nurse, a firefighter and a police officer.
Work created at Bozell
CD: Dan Cooper
Copy Writer: John Vogel
Art Director: Dessi Price
AE: Laura Spaulding
Video production: Torchwerks, Ben Drickey
Video graphics animation: Kyle Theobald
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