Rebuild the Heartland is a community fund for those affected by the historic 2019 flooding in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. It was created by First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), in partnership with Nebraska Community Foundation, to allow funds to go directly to areas of need. The fund needed branding and that’s where Bozell (my work) volunteered our efforts. We created a brand look and feel, as well as numerous promotional materials to get the word out.

Here’s the style guide developed for the organization with descriptions for color and font choices, as well as pattern/icon and photography instructions.
And here are some of the promotional materials that were created for a conference during which the fund was going to be introduced.
To promote the fund even further a swag box was assembled and sent to local influencers and news anchors to share on their own channels. And a stop-motion video of the box and the items in it was created for social media.
Work done while working at Bozell:
CD: Tim Young
AD/Design: Dessi Price
Copy: John Vogel
Web Development and Design: Brad Douglas and Breanna Marsh
Production: Sheryl Ann Hayes, Ernie Bredar, Nan Pike
Project Management: Abby Lehmer, Ann Marie Schulze
PR Team: John Melingagio, Kelsey Pritchard, Kayla Eggenberg
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